Thursday, April 25, 2013

Herbals: Captain Amsterdam's Blue Lotus

Hello Friends!

Today's herbal headventure is different from those we have done so far. We have stuck to a lot of pills and smokeables, but today, we go into the realm of teas.

After doing a fair amount of research on how to prepare blue lotus, we settled on steeping the petals and parts as a tea. Lots of people talk about making lotus wine, where you would take a good, high alcohol wine, drink a bit, then stuff the lotus parts into the bottle. Recork, let sit for a week or two, then drink. Well, honestly? We didn't want to wait, and didn't want to risk the fact that alcohol could very well limit the "ecstasy" sensations that are rumored.

For those of you that don't know, blue lotus is a plant that has been used for centuries as a pain relieving, calming, and generally enjoyable aphrodisiac. Depending on the reports you read, people have experienced anywhere from zero effect to those relative to taking ecstasy. Euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, improved sleep, and vibrant music and sex experiences are reported. These are attractive side effects. The question is, will we be able to stomach the tea? The plant parts? Only one way to really find out.

Anyway, the way we prepared the tea is as such:
Empty 15g of plant parts (mostly petals and stamens. according to sources, these are the most potent parts, and for that I must commend Captain Amsterdam on a quality product) into a small, 4 cup coffee pot.
Added water to the coffeemaker, and allowed it to heat, steam, and steep the plant parts much like brewing tea from tea bags.
After the blue lotus had been thoroughly steeped in hot water, we added it to about 3 liters of water in the bottle pictured. The plant parts were transferred to this bottle for further steeping via spoon.
Since the blue lotus created a tea that is pretty much an unsweetened black tea, we decided to combine it with a raspberry green tea powder packet to ease the flavor. Past experiences have shown that this particular tea mix does a great job in overpowering flavors of plant items.

A previous experience with kratom powder resulted in green tea kratom ice cubes. We decided to add about 8 kratom cubes to this tea, to help cool it, but also to combine the effects a bit.

This preparation appears to be a good one, especially for the time frame. The only issue is chilling the tea to a palatable temperature. We opted to place the bottle in the freezer for quick cooling.

Based on research, we will drink the liquid AND eat the plant parts.

First off, the flavor and consistency of this concoction... It's definitely something different. Some people might enjoy the tea flavor, but since I'm more of a green tea fan than black, it was a bit harsh. I considered adding some sugar but... it was easier to just toss back the drink.
At first, we did leave the plant parts in the tea, but after one glass, I decided to filter it. I did this pretty simply using coffee filters and the filter cup of the coffeemaker. This made the tea substantially more drinkable. We abandoned the idea to eat the plant; I know it holds components that do not come out in water, but it was just too much. The soggy petals and such just made me gag.

My boyfriend drank about 28oz, and I drank approximately 40oz. He just didn't stomach it too well, and I was determined to drink my "half." Both of us felt nauseous almost right away. My assumption is that it was too much liquid at once. After about 20 minutes, I got the incredible urge to eat, almost like when you get the munchies, and after a big bowl of cereal, I felt a lot better. Usually with these things, you want to take it on an empty stomach, but I suppose I would suggest that if you have a tendency to get queasy, don't be afraid to eat.

After about an hour, presumably because we had to digest the tea, various side effects were reported. He told me that he felt clarity and an increase in heart rate. I experienced a chill out effect, floaty head, slowed thoughts, that sort of thing. After several hours, his state stayed relatively the same, though he felt more relaxed/didn't feel much. Me? I had tingly feelings, heavy relaxation, and tactile sensations are slightly heightened.

Overall? It was an interesting adventure. I can't attest to whether "brewing" it in wine would be easier or tastier. After this, I am not very tempted to buy another one of these packets. I'm more interested in getting it in pill form, so I wouldn't have to mess with the parts of the plant. If you're a natural tea brewer, you might enjoy it in loose material form, but it's just not for me.

I'd give this 4 out of 10 nods for my personal experience, but I'd be happy to read information about better and more involved steeping and experiences. What are your thoughts?

Ease of preparation
Relaxation effects
Mild tactile and mental acuity improvement

Dried plant is hard to stomach. Can be too much for ingesting
Not as strong as hoped
Mixed experiences make the herb unpredictable.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Herbals: Mayan Kratom Dietary Supplement

Hello Friends!

Today I am reviewing Mayan Kratom. Listed as a dietary supplement, my decision to try this product was almost exclusively based on two things: price, and the recommendations I was given. Unlike other alternative herbals, and even other Kratom products, my expectation for this product was not to produce a heady fog, but to give a trial run on managing my chronic pain.

A little anecdote first: As many of you may not know, I suffer from a permanent and debilitating condition called degenerative disc disease. While it is common in the elderly, it proves bothersome for younger patients such as myself. Diagnosed at 28, I have been dealing with this condition and its symptoms for the majority of my life. I have had little success with traditional medicine, and at the tender age of 30, I have decided to branch out to other options. I will admit that I did a lot of major episode control using 420 green. However, as I get older, I realize that being that out of my cognitive mind while managing pain is just not life-friendly. So, out of almost desperation, I turned to Kratom and other legal, alternative pain management protocols.

More than once, I was told that this would be a great product for long term, chronic pain.Wanting to give it a fair and unhindered trial, I chose today to take the product much in the same way I would if I was regularly treating my pain with it.

On the ER scale of 1 to 10, describing my daily pain is usually no less than a 7. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this categorizes my symptoms as severe. Every once in a blue moon, I have a "good" day, where the pain is at a 4 or 5, but today, along with several days prior, was settled into an easy 7, with flares up to 9, and sometimes even to yelping and tears. So, that being said, I started my day off with a dose of 6g (these are 1g pills).
Kratom gets going in your system fairly quickly, so I felt the beginning effects about 20 minutes after I took my first dose. I "test" the effects by moving and flexing my spine, to see how much of a twinge I feel. That first dose did not erase my pain; rather, it settled the nerves well enough so that the twinges I felt were rather minor. My muscle aches had faded to nearly non-existent. For a chronic sufferer like me, this is a welcome feeling, even if not completely what I was hoping for.
Dosing is usually recommended for every 4-8 hours, depending on the type and administration of Kratom. I decided to take my second dose at 4 hours, hoping that it would compound on the first dose like I've read many users attest to. For me, it did a little bit, but mostly it just seemed to extend the dulling effect. I repeated this approximately every 4 hours until I hit my Epsom salt soak around 10pm.

With 40 capsules in the pack, I was hoping to get good effects on just a couple pills, and be able to use this option fairly regularly. Today alone, however, I swallowed 17 pills in total. Now, this may seem kind of overboard, but seeing as my pain issues are rather severe, and it didn't knock it out, I think I'll survive. Sadly, though, this means I took almost half the jar of pills in just one day. If I was going to use this particular brand/strain, this means that I would need around 119 pills for the entire week. In turn, at the price I paid, my Kratom habit would end up being over $600 a month. Frankly, I'd rather go to the doctor and get Rx pills like Percocet instead. I'd even opt for grass, as that kind of daily habit (for me) would cost no more than $400.

This is not to say that this is not a quality product. In my opinion, it has to be pretty potent to even touch this mess of pain. I'm sure it would work perfectly well for milder pain issues, backaches, headaches, anxiety, etc. My sister, who is pretty new to this stuff, reported that she was completely devoid of pain and anxiety after taking 8 pills. She felt goofy and jubilant. The boyfriend felt the same, if milder, effects.

So, my recommendation is, if you're considering this option for severe pain problems, you'd probably be better off trying a different strain. I have had a lot of success with Maeng Da.

If you're looking for a supplement that will chill you out and keep you in a good mood, this is a good option. I appreciated the fact that they are bigger pills. While they may be more difficult for some to swallow, it also means fewer pills down the hatch.

In conclusion, I'll give two ratings:
For general use: 7 out of 10 nods
For severe pain: 4 out of 10 nods

Improves mood
Mild pain relief
1g pills

May be difficult to swallow due to size
Not very effective on severe pain

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Herbal Headventure: China Red Enhanced Herbal Smoke

Hello Friends!

Today I am reviewing the China Red Enhanced Herbal Smoking Blend, which is a new product offered by Super Fun Cave. You can see the packaging and my pipe loaded with the blend in the picture displayed.

One thing that I wish we had technology for is sharing smells. Well, maybe not, because lord knows there are mean people out there who would share without discretion. ;) Anyway, Even before I had opened this package, I could smell the sweet, citrus-like scent. Unlike previous experiences with herbal smokes, the scent actually made me want to try it. It smelled delicious!

Opening the package made the scent even stronger of course, and peeking inside, I found myself even more pleased. This blend actually LOOKS natural. It looks like dried leaves and seeds, and the scent had me tempted to chew a little. However, I made it my goal to experience this blend in the way intended: smoking.

The blend was not packed too tightly, but it felt moist and fresh. It is easy to load into a pipe, and I'm sure would be just about as easy rolling it in papers or even adding it to a hookah or bong. As the name of the blend suggests, it was not surprising to find elements that are brightly red in color. The colors and smells are reminiscent of raspberry and tangerine.

This blend is indicated for relaxation and meditation. What little reviews are available suggest that smoking it produces a heady and pleasant euphoria. In the relatively short time we have been trying items out, I have learned that the word "euphoria" is used quite loosely, and seems to mean, for most, that it is relaxing and stress-relieving. Warnings include to not drive or operate machinery, which does give me a little bit of hope for a relaxing experience.

Setting spark to the bowl, thunder rolled outside while I took my first pull of this blend. Immediately, I'm struck by the flavor, a nearly potpourri-esque sweet and fruity flavor. The smoke is smooth and tasty, very easy to inhale and hold for a moment. The only downside so far is that upon exhale, the smoke sometimes takes on the flavor of a cheap brand of tobacco. However, experience shows that this is often NOT the flavor of the exhale, so do not be discouraged!

After about 15 minutes of enjoying the flavor, significant "chill factor" can be noticed. Since this blend is a natural smokeable, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to extend your enjoyment over several hours. My own choice in the matter is to take a few hits from the pipe, sit and enjoy the lingering flavor and the flow of relaxation sensations flowing through my body, hit it again, watch the lightning and dark clouds roll in, basque in the refreshing feeling of thunderstorm breeze coming through the open windows, and listen to the thunder while enjoying a marathon of the Saw movie series.

Overall, I would indeed recommend adding this smoking blend to a regular rotation of blends you might enjoy while participating in other tasks or activities. As long as you handle it responsibly, you should be able to enjoy and find happiness in your purchase. Smoke on and enjoy, my friends, I doubt you'll be disappointed!

This product deserves 9 out of 10 nods. Most, if not all, that choose to try this product will find it enjoyable.

Scent is delicious
Smoke on inhale is mouth watering
Pleasant, relaxing sensations
Easy to share, pass, and enjoy during relaxing activities.

May have occasional flavor issues depending on the ratio of the mix in one's pipe.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Herbals: Gold Nugget Herbal Smokeable

Hello Friends!

Today we are reviewing Gold Nugget Herbal Smoke. In the spirit of honesty, this review is not a real time "first try" review. We have tried this herbal several times over the course of a couple months, in a variety of situations.

When one reads reviews of this dense, earthy smokeable, they might find themselves drawn in by promises of heady experiences and floating relaxation. I'll admit, that's what got me too. I wondered, how is it possible that something legal and chemical free could produce the reported euphoria? How would it compare to narcotics, to marijuana, to a DXM trip? Our decision to try this smokeable was one fueled by the desire to find something that could help us relax at the end of a long day, that was in essence cheaper than other herbal habits, and would not cause inconclusive or negative issues with drug tests.

Being a bit of a novice in plant extracts and blends, I was not really aware of the pricing per gram and how it compared to other products. Looking back, I'm glad that I was unaware, as it would have been hard for me to shell out nearly $20 for only 1.5g of substance. Don't let the amount deceive you though. This product has a long-lasting burn potential, and as many have said, a little bit goes a long way.

Our first experience was the same night we tried other quality products, such as Couchlock's MagnaHigh, and a Kratomite e-cig. We also tried Outer Edge herbal incense, but that's another review all together. First thing you notice when you receive GN is that the canister is nearly tiny. A quality package for the smokeable but far smaller than many pictures imply. It is about the size of a half dollar coin. Then you look at the herbal itself, and it honestly looks like dried clumps of feces. Sounds enticing, eh?

Breaking off a chunk was a little difficult due to density, but after a bit of crumbling is achieved, you can break it up easier. Taking hints from other reviews, I was prepared with a lighter that had a reliable blue flame. This smokeable is difficult to burn, sometimes frustratingly so. One pretty much has to continuously light it while inhaling in order to get a hit. We tried both traditional pipe and a homemade bong, and both required steady flames.

The flavor is a little harsh but has a cinnamon-like quality that I find fairly enjoyable. This flavor permeates the blend, making even the residual dust able to mix into things. Through trial and error, we have learned that while it might be harsh on its own, it does an AMAZING job making resin smoking more tolerable. The cinnamon quality overpowered the tar, burning rubber flavor you get with MJ resin.

For people who are well-versed in smoking herbs, it could leave something to be desired. This is especially true if you are seeking an escape from your head what the heck happened for the last hour kind of experience. However, this blend, for me, was a fairly enjoyable smoking experience. One cannot definitively say whether it's a placebo effect or if the plants in the blend are inspiring the relaxing state that follows several good pulls on this blend. Either way, the flavor is decent, and a nice change of pace for those that use many herbals in the course of the evening.

One very important point, though, is that to best harvest and enjoy this smokeable, I would recommend a grinder or at least taking some time to break it up into a finer leaf, almost like a powder. It burns far easier, the flavor is more present, and it hits more thoroughly. Many reviews neglect to inform inquiring minds as to what you might need to do to enjoy this best.

Overall? I suppose I enjoyed this blend. I definitely enjoyed it more than my partner. He tried for quite a while to draw some type of enjoyable experience from it but in the end, only felt a twinge of the hinted at experiences. Personally, I was more successful when it came to feeling stuff, but I did feel disappointed in a way. However, the fact that I bought 1.5g two months ago, and I still have at least half, attests to the longevity of the product. We do not smoke it every day, it makes it into my pipe once a week at best, but now that I know what to expect, I can say that it's a happy break, if weak in potency.

Flavor is an interesting yet enjoyable one
Creates a type of "juicy" sensation in the mouth
Relaxing and calming

Experiences vary
Difficult to grind/separate

I give this 2.5 out of 5 nods. Pretty average experience, have had better, have had worse! Worth the try though.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Herbals: Kaboom Kratom Maeng Da

Hello friends! Today's headventure is Kaboom Kratom Maeng Da

Our friends at SuperFunCave have recently placed a large amount of new product for sale. One of these new items is the Kaboom Kratom 30 capsule packs. A great price for a decent number of grams. Since I'm looking for a good helpful herbal to manage pain, I decided to try this full spectrum Kratom product.

Starting dose: 5 caps (2.5g of Kratom)
Start time: 6pm

Admittedly, I ate a full meal prior to taking the caps. Many sources dictate that eating a large meal can mitigate or delay the impact of Kratom. My interest being what it is, I need an herbal that can contend with my daily life, which would include use while eating regular meals. With the number of pills I have at my disposal, the plan is to sit on the 5 caps for at least an hour to help them digest and run through my system. In the mean time, I'll state my first impressions.

While the Guci brand Maeng Da did the trick, the caps were blue and white, and possibly lower quality in the making. The Guci product was dusty as well. 
Upon opening Kaboom Kratom, a few things struck me immediately. First of all, the caps are appear to be a clear gelatin cap, much like you would get with a capsule machine. The package was clear of extra dust, and I appreciated being able to see the powdered leaf inside. These caps also seemed to be larger, though admittedly, the dosing is the same. I'm not sure if this higher quality appearance is due to the new nature of the product or if this is a standard thing to expect from Kaboom Kratom. In the future, I'll be trying different strains from this company, and will remark further at that time.

6:58pm: At this point, I feel a mild though panoramic relaxing wave rolling in. One thing that I really appreciate about this plant is that while I would not recommend taking this for panic attacks, it does seem to have a thorough clarifying effect on my general anxiety and discomfort.

7:20pm: Added 2 pills to the 5 I started with, making the dosage 3.5 grams. While I could feel the first dose, I wanted to intensify the effect. Ultimately, I want to experience the effects acutely prior to adding some undefined incense later.

7:45pm: All pills kicked in. I feel myself sinking a little bit more into the relaxation. One thing I have noticed is that the rumors are true; a person really should drink at least 3oz of water per gram. Believe me, the potency of the Kratom is better defined when there is enough water in your system, and I'm definitely hoping that it will lessen any "hangover" effects I might experience later.

8:28pm: After an amount of musing on the effects, I've decided to dose one more time to round out to an even 5g. The potency of this brand seems to be less than that of others I've tried. For body discomfort, it is fine, but for those seeking a more headventurous experience, you may want to go with a more concentrated form. 

One great thing about Kratom products is that through my experiences thus far, I know that even if I don't feel particularly heady, once I add some preferred smokeables, the herb really works to potentiate the experience. It works in tandem with so many items.

Price per gram
Clean packaging and quality capsules
Fairly quick and steady release
Medium potency

Perhaps not #1 for experienced Kratom users
Pills are pretty large, potentially hard to swallow

Overall: 3 nods out of 5, perfectly reasonable for most

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